Cracow Colloquium on f-electron systems

June 24 - 27, 2015 - Cracow, Poland

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Pedagogical University of Cracow
Podchorazych 2 
30 084, Cracow

Organisers and Committee

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Pedagogical University of Cracow (PUC), Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Science.
Charles University in Prague (CUNI), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.
Gdansk University of Technology (PG), Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics.

Organizing Committee:

Nhu-Tarnawska Hoa Kim Ngan (PUC)
Ladislav Havela (CUNI)
Tomasz Klimczuk (PG)

Artur Błachowski 
Ryszard Radwański 
Krzysztof Ruebenbauer 
Stepan Sechovsky
Jan Suchanicz
Zbigniew Tarnawski
Magdalena Krupska 
Sylwia Sowa
Kamila Komedera
Agnieszka Kozub


The program of CCFES2015 is based on lectures (30-40 minutes) given by distinguished international specialists and oral talks (20 minutes) which is followed by discussions with all interested participants. There is also a poster session.
To encourage the participation of students a special low student fee is envisaged. Besides, a special session, so-called "the scientific session for young scientists", is organized within CCFES2015 program. It is an opportunity for graduate and Ph.D. students to present their results obtained in the course of their studies.